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Default Re: Knicks PROMISE Curry: "We want you!"

Originally Posted by indiefan23
I dunno, of course he could bust. But I'm not really sure how. I do kind of think he's a slam dunk. Lots and lots of guards in the NBA make a career shooting off screens 'n since he's more or less perfect at working screens for shots I dunno why he wouldn't be able to do that in the NBA. Thats just my honest opinion?

Which players are you thinking of who couldn't play in the big league?
Bryce Drew, Trajan Langdon and Luke Jackson immediately come to mind.

But make no mistake, when I say that guy might not "pan out", I'm not necessarily saying the guy won't have a career in the NBA, maybe even a long one. "Pan out" usually means that a guy comes with a certian amount of hype or high regard and that regard/hype translates accordingly to the next level. That's where I see the problem with Curry. I don't think he'll be as good as a lot of people think he'll be in the NBA.

But like you said, he's a shooter and that's a valuable assest. That only could earn him a long career.
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