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Default Re: The NBA has Decided to Balance the All-Star Game Instead of Balancing the Playoff

Originally Posted by Brook(lyn)Lopez
They really need to change the playoffs because we can't keep having teams in the East make the playoffs that are barely above being bad teams and are just good enough to pile up wins against the multitude of tanking teams in the conference and less games against top teams. Seeds 6-8 this year are going to be a joke unless some young talent breaks out in a major way on say a team like The Magic, and this could potentially be the case for the next couple of years. Denying these teams a chance at a lottery pick is very detrimental to their potential development as a franchise. Instead these mostly late lottery picks go the Western Conference teams with at least a decent amount of talent and a much better front Front Office who don't need the picks as much as these Eastern teams with inflated wins from their Conference but are much worse teams. And although these Western Teams are almost always picking late in the lotto, they still get tremendous value picks with underrated potential because once the consensus picks are off the board, Organizations like the Magic or Knicks pick their annual busts in the mid rounds leaving great value picks at the end of the lotto for teams that have much better scouting and development to find undervalued college guys or international talent.

Great post.

I agree. The conference duality is being touted as:

"the best vs the best".

Extremely best.
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