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Default Re: Ricky Rubio to Barcelona done deal

Originally Posted by bagelred
Haha....well Q isn't THAT bad, and he's much better than Blount. And Q seemed like a player TWolves could use, so you could see they have no care in the world about winning. Just saving bucks for now and being as bad as possible.

Teams draft players and wait for them. It happens alot. Celtics waited for Bird for a year. Spurs waited for Robinson to finish Navy stint. But we live in such a NOW culture, everyone thinks Kahn is a fool. Kahn is very smart and his patience will pay off......
His patience will pay off if Flynn fails. The problem is he drafted duplicate positions back to back, he wont have both when the time comes. Instead of Hitting a Home Run by drafting 2 players who will contribute together, he did a Sacrifice fly to have 1 of them advance while the other is out.
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