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Default Re: 2k10 Anniversary edition!

I have been meaning to get a ps3 for a while now.lmaoo

but stuff keeps coming up, like buying my car,

transmission problems.

new seats

tinting windows

new tires and rims

paying school fees

buying books

Buying a new TV

traffic tickets

going out a lot

paying bills

buying a new phone

parking ticket

etc. etc.

$200 lost on a stupid mistake and stupid choices i made with the wrong ppl.
(Basically gave $200 to someone that has stolen xboxs and i never got it. HYe kept wanting me to go to his house AT NIGHT. Very long, and sketcthy story )

looking back, it bothers me that i have lost a lot of money on stupid things.
but whatever, you live and you learn.

So I havent gotten around to

Over time i have lost some interest, because i would be buying the game MAINLY for sports games but rarely, your REALLY good games like halo.

The good thing is that it has gone down a lot. So if i do buy it, I'm an NBA live guy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Might look into it, this year, when all the deals are coming out!! :)
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