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Default Re: A player going to the finals with two different teams in no fluke

Originally Posted by PowerGlove
You cannot be f*cking serious.
Dead serious.

Jason Kidd:
9.6 ppg on 51% eFG and 90% FT
8.6 Assists per game with only 2 turnovers per game
That's a 4.3 A:TO ratio
He provided great man and help defense totaling 17 steals in the series(thats over 3 per game):Also was a near perfect decision maker and passer.

21.8 ppg on 33% eFG and 80% FT
4.8 Assists per game with 5.2 turnovers per game
That's a sub 1.0 A:TO ratio~absolutely terrible decision maker
Pretty good defender although he didn't even come close to matching kidd's performance.

Again Kidd was the much better point guard in this series. People see 'allstar' and they think the guy is automatically better. Jason Kidd is a wily veteran that plays great defense, and makes great decisions and passes. This is something that is consistently overlooked.
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