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Default Re: Go-to 1v1 move?

I am right handed but my go to move is jab step with right foot and explode to my left, and then finish with either hand. If at baseline, then finish with right, if at middle of the key or going from very right to left then finish with left.

I score at will with this move at 3 on 3 especially if no one comes to help.

If I get cut off then it's a spin back to the right for fade away jumper. (not so successful with this move)

The best thing about my go to move, is that once I score, it then sets the defender up for all my other moves, like jab and shoot, jab and go right, simply because I go past them so easily the first time.

I do think that as I get older this move won't work any more, but I am 33 and still blowing by teenagers and early twenty years with this move though

For some reason, my jab and go right just doesn't work at all!!
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