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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Graviton
Ah yea, but wasn't Rhaegar an amazing swordsman himself? Hard to believe bunch of northerners took out those skilled knights.

Rhaegar wasn't born with a sword in his hand like Jaimie. He was actually a book worm early in his childhood. All the main characters pretty much come from noble houses so they'd receive the same level of training and the rest is up to the individual's skill and drive. The Northmen known more as battle commanders but still when you have a 6'5 Robert Baratheon coming at you with his war hammer and in full rage mode beating him is still a daunting task.

As for Ned's battle with Dayne like someone said the battle was 3 on 6 in the tower and there were only 2 survivors. Just shows how awesome Dayne and the other Kingsguard were.
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