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Default Re: Best game you have been to?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Good times. I wasn't there for that one, but I watched it.

The best college game I've attended is probably the MSU-UM game in Ann Arbor last year. I believe Kalin Lucas hit the go-ahead basket with a few seconds left. DeShawn Sims then missed a point blank tip at the buzzer to win it. It was technically a great game, but I am a Michigan fan, so I was sad.

The happiest best college game I ever went to was actually a non-conference battle in 2008: Savannah St. vs. Michigan. I was just hanging out at my house that day and decided I'd head up to Chrisler Arena to see what was going down (I live ten minutes from campus). I showed up at halftime, expecting a blowout and all of UM's reserves to be running. However, Michigan was actually down by 20.

Michigan began the second half by not letting Savannah State score for something like 10 or 14 minutes. Then, with five seconds left and the game tied, UM's Zach Novak stole the inbounds pass, sprinted the length of the floor for the gamewinner and bricked a wide open dunk at the buzzer. DeShawn Sims would eventually hit a buzzer beater jumper in overtime to win it. Good times.

You guys will never believe me, but for some reason that day, right in the heart of the 2nd half - being at the game alone and with my own thoughts - I began wondering how cool it'd be to throw one down as a Michigan Wolverine in front of all these fans. I swear on my life, I thought, "How awesome would it be to have an open breakaway for the win and dunk it right at the buzzer?" and I began trying to think of all the times that'd happened. Then, I came back to reality and thought, "Meh, I'd probably just miss it anyway. How crazy would that be? If someone missed an open dunk for the win?"

As I saw Novak breaking for the hoop that day, I knew he was going to miss it. It was the single greatest coincidence I've ever had in my lifetime. I was more tripped out by the fact my roundabout vision had come to fruition than I was about the fact Novak missed an open winner.

Novak's Missed Game Winning Dunk:

Novak's Dunk Contest Dunk (To Showcase that he can surely slam easily):

Sims' tip was so close it wasn't even funny. He got hammered on that play by Green as well, but I guess it is the Big Ten.

I remember my brother went to that game too. Funny thing is, he actually left at halftime because Michigan was down by so much. That would have been an embarassing loss, Novak is lucky they weren't down by 1 at that point.
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