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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by ukfan22
He led the nation in blocks and was the likely conference POY and national DPOY

Thats what he was known to bring coming from high school. Defensively he's good. While his light in the ass frame allows someone with size to establish position and beast him and he is still learning the nuances of defense outside of shotblocking. Offensively he was as raw as you can get. And I question that kids motor. How hard does he really work and want it? Periods in a game dude is just another tall kid out there. For all the hype about him? Thats not good.

And I dont even base any of this off of Anthony Davis last year. Isolating what the kid has done thus far in college and no progress was made offensively by him. So I wasnt impressed with him as a basketball player this season at all.

Dont get me started on the team. Soft. Hopefully next years class brings some toughness with them.
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