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Default Re: wade scores 23 points. 15 points of FT

Originally Posted by SomeBunghole
Alright, let's look at more stats.

The most FTA attempts ever came during that mind-boggling season in which Wilt scored 50 points a game. Wilt took 1363 FTs that year. Obviously, a lot more than Wade at 17 a game. Yet, a simple mathematical exercise shows a massive difference.

That year, Wilt also took 39.5 field goal attempts a game. So, it works out to .43 FTs per FG attempt. Wade had .56 two years ago. Now, is anyone trying to tell me that it's normal that Wade got more FTA per FGA then the most dominant big man of any era, who was hacked every time he got the ball down low, who shoot free throws poorly causing early attempts at Hack-a-Shaq, who was double- and triple-teamed in the lane? Is anyone trying to argue that this isn't due to a blatant plan by the NBA to make SGs score more?

Ablabla blabla blabla yippyyap.

Arenas and Lebron both average more FT shots agme than Wade, while relying on their shooting more. You go FIBAboy. BTW you were the **** trying to mock me for mistyping a word. Don't do that before you get your then and thans straight.
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