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Default Re: Booker vs Mitchell?

Originally Posted by FireDavidKahn
Here are the Suns ratings since he came into the league.

1st year: 28th ORTG and 25th DRTG
2nd year: 22nd ORTG and 28th DRTG
3rd year: 30th ORTG and 30th DRTG

Toronto ranked 3rd best last year in ORTG, does that mean DeRozan and Lowry are among the best players in offense?
Suns TEAM on the other hand have beein tanking and in total disarray, firing their ROOKIE COACH after 5 games.
Mitchell's team on the other hand have developed their winning culture even before he got there, 12th BEST in ORTG, 3RD BEST in DRTG.
That is why you can't just look at his team's stats and rankings and look at the over all data. Devin averaged 25 pts and 5 assists at 56% TS%, yes, his stats slightly falls off if he joins a stacked team but I'll take him over Mitchell for NOW, bec of his better 3pt shooting 38% as compared to Donovan's 34%.
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