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Default Re: AI - Future Bobcat?

This had crossed my mind as, as I've said before my brother plays ball over here and is semi obbsessed with A.I. Because of it I'd love to see his face if Iverson played for the cats. I think if we can't keep Felton for a sensible wage, offering the money to him instead would be the best option. He'd be in a rotation with DJ and Bell for those 2 spots much like he is now in Detroit though, but I'd see him being a starter really and getting more minutes here than there.

He'd be the type of name we need to get fans in and also has the connection to coach Brown. I think here is one of the few places that would offer him a big deal so I can see it if he thinks we can make play-offs now. His expereince would be good on what's still a young team aswell. Not sure if as he was a player with alot of determination and drive, our work ethic here would spur him on to get in form. Can't beleive he was an all-star starter as he's not that good now, but it's a popularity contest after all and hopefully he'd be popular here.
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