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Default Re: How many of you DIDN'T like Jordan?

Originally Posted by Lakerfan1-Iceland
I hate it when people are so on his **** that they fail to recognice that ANYONE wil ever become a better player, or refuse to believe ANYTHING negative about this man.
For instance when he is mentioned as a good teamate and a player who made other players around him better like say Bird,Magic and Isiah did is a load of bull.

He did not make his teamates better, his game did not revolve around that, he was a scorer and a wery wery wery sore loser who had a great all around player in pippen with him along with great coaching staff and management who put the right type of players around him.
He is no doupt among the all time greatest, top 3 definatly i think but there is NO nba player Perfect and Jordan was FAR from perfect!

Actually, most reasonable people don't think it's impossible that someone could come along and be better than him, it's just that people with extensive knowledge of his game/achievements aren't going to just hand it over to another player unless someone truly EARNS it. So far that hasn't happened. When it does, then I'm sure plenty of people would recognize it. Not before then though. And that's how it SHOULD be. You SHOULD have to accomplish a hell of a lot before you can be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan.

Also, Jordan was far more than just a scorer. There's a reason why it was popular wisdom that high scorers couldn't lead teams to championships until Mike came along.
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