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Default Re: How many of you DIDN'T like Jordan?

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Actually, most reasonable people don't think it's impossible that someone could come along and be better than him, it's just that people with extensive knowledge of his game/achievements aren't going to just hand it over to another player unless someone truly EARNS it. So far that hasn't happened. When it does, then I'm sure plenty of people would recognize it. Not before then though. And that's how it SHOULD be. You SHOULD have to accomplish a hell of a lot before you can be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan.

Also, Jordan was far more than just a scorer. There's a reason why it was popular wisdom that high scorers couldn't lead teams to championships until Mike came along.

Yeah most reasonable people should think that but somehow SO many people i thought were reasonable actually think of him as some sort of God, i guess the media created a lot of it.
Mike was a great player no doupt about that but he wasnt perfect and mentioning someone in the same breath is not something that is wrong, Mike set a standard, a bar if you will and people are gonna be compared to him allways weather they like it or not.
Is it a high standard hell yeah, do many if any life up to it? Hardly.
But saying someone is better than Jordan at a certain points of the game is not wrong to do, cause he wasnt perfect and he wasnt best at EVERYTHING.

But generally i dont agree with comparing players of diffirent times and eras together unless it is just for fun, specially when the players dont even play the same position on a team.
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