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Default Re: Marcus Smart shoves a fan

Originally Posted by PejaNowitzki
Your point would have some slight merit if this was the first of his reported issues with his temper, but it isn't. If the NCAA drops the hammer, he's going to be sitting it out while his peers in the draft are going to be potentially moving up in front of him due to some lousy judgment.

There's no way that a GM or team's scouting department doesn't take this incident into consideration, whether it is reflective of a largely immature mindset and one that is incapable of dealing with confrontation appropriately. He had a lot to lose and with the strong bevy of prospects in the draft lottery this year, he definitely cost himself some money. This will simply be a negative lumped on to all his other negatives when teams consider the pro's and con's of drafting him.
You can't honestly think this. Teams draft players with character issues in the lottery every year

Really the fan, Jeff Orr, is the one with a repeated history of character issues.
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