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Default Re: Marcus Smart shoves a fan

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
It's the same thing. If you can contain your emotions, you're the bigger man. If you chase down people that hurl insults at you your entire life, you're going to have a pretty short life. It seems like this new generation of punk kids don't understand the difference.

If you have a mentality that it is justifiable to seek physical retribution for insults hurled your way, please check yourself into a hospital right away.
Yup, totally agree with you.

Oh yeah, btw, i hope you go kill yourself you little bitch *****, i ****ed ur momso hard last night her ****** tore apart, then i fingered ur sister in the ass, and made ur dad watch all of it. Then i shoved a fat ass carrot up ur brother, and he killed himself through suicide

How do you like that? Im sure you dont mind, after all, words wont hurt you :)
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