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Default Re: Are male Taylor Swift fans pedophiles?

Originally Posted by Hotlantadude81
The jackass is the guy who can't seem to form any argument other than "You're a hater". That guy happens to be you.

I'm asking you to not use cheap fads as your arguments. If you got anything reasonable to say against my claims then come out and say it instead of going with that lazy "hater" garbage that ANYONE can spew out anytime they don't agree with something.

It's kind of ironic that you go on about my so called "lazy hating" but all you can respond with is lazy generic retorts like the ones you've posted here.

You still haven't given a reasonable reason why a 50 year old man would want to listen to 15 year old girl type of love lyrics.

Originally Posted by Hotlantadude81
Furthermore, if you want to disagree or make an argument... Then fine. But calling somebody a "Hater" rarely amounts to a productive debate. Someone suggested that maybe someone could simply enjoy the music instead of the lyrics. I would find it sad that someone 50 years old would listen to something just because it's catchy, but it's sure more reasonable than what you posted, and so I can take that argument into consideration.

I find a 50 year old man listening to music that's geared toward young girls to be creepy and very possibly linked to being a pedophile. You sure haven't given me any reason to consider changing my stance on this issue.

You were not giving anything other than vague declarative statements. You offered no proof of your criticisms. Ergo, you were hating. The burden of proof is on you when you make the claim kid. You even went so far as to claim that if you like TS and are of a certain age, you must be a pedophile. That is nothing BUT hating.

Stop crying abut the language I used to label your behavior. If you don't like it, don't act that way.

and once again, a song about growing up does not mean its aimed only at little kids. You seem to have difficulty understanding that.

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