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Default Re: Bulls and Rose better deliver next season.

Originally Posted by SnakePlissken
I don't know how any of you can be 100% behind Derrick Rose right now. After seeing Noah, Deng, Nate Robinson, Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson battle through injuries and sickness to get out there and play and Derrick Rose is being a little b*tch right now.

Um, because him and team were 100% transparent with us. Might sit for 2012-13 doesn't mean will play eventually.

Of course, the morons who get sucked into the media-spin of journalists who do nothing but ask the same Rose questions daily, looking for single-word-changes in responses, that screw themselves over and demonstrate to the world just how stupid they are at reading between the lines.

The stupid fans that are suckers for the media are the "little b*tch" of sheer impatience. But what can I expect, ya'll are keyboard warriors in your teens or 20s. You guys don't know any better.
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