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Default Re: The perfect Kobe trade

Howard isn't all that young anyways. Late 20's

He's 27, late 20's to me is 29...:)
27 isn't old, he hasn't even hit his prime yet...he's better then Gordon or Hinrich...Terry is a reliable scorer...and Harris has high potential.

It's an attractive package, I just don't see Dallas improving that much...because of their lack of depth. Phoenix by making that offer I mentioned previously would have a lineup of Amare, Diaw, Kobe, Bell, Nash...Hill, Jones etc off the bench...that's a championship caliber team. And LA like I mentioned previously get talent in return, if Tony Parker can make the all-star team...I see no reason why Barbosa couldn't either as a starter...I'd put money on the line he can be a 24 PPG scorer in this league.
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