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Default Re: How far are the Rap from "competing for championship" ?

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7

Lot's of players away.

Interested to see how Masai will respond after the successful season the team just had. Most pressure he will ever have, I'm sure.

1) Lots ? I kinda of learn towards 1 more AllStar i.e. like a productive Mislap...Now I admit that this team with Mislap is not a "lock to win" but I think they would be one of those rare teams of depth that "could win" if they catch a few breaks.

I suppose it depends on your take on competing for championship. Could be lots - could be 1 or 2 - some might argue they are there now depending on what compete / success is defined as.

2) Completely agree.

Derozan's deal will be under the microscope and Masai will be critic'ed on both sides - too generous - too cheap etc.

Looks like Biz is gone too.
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