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Default Re: How far are the Rap from "competing for championship" ?

Yeah would have really loved to see Biz stay but he'd be a luxury considering we have a gaping hole at the 4. Would there be enough cap to sign Biz if another team were to take TRoss off our hands? Norm pretty much took Ross' job as first swing off the bench and I'm sure they're hoping Bruno can start taking some spare minutes here and there too.

Once we get a starting 4, we will have PP re-joining CoJo and Norm off the bench, plus, given our contending status it shouldn't be hard to attract solid veterans (think last year's Joe Johnson, David West etc) to round off our bench. Anything we get out of Bruno/Bebe is just gravy.

I doubt we keep both 1st rounders, Masai probably use them as ammo to bring in the other all-star we need. We wanna win now and there's really not much room for playing time and player development considering we already have Bruno.
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