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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Originally Posted by hammer2010
GTFO! I don't care enough about you to try and impress you kid. However if you can link any of my pictures to another website where you have seen them before I will be impressed. In fact I challenge you to find any pictures of her posted on another website posted before I posted them. If you can do that I will bow out in shame and send you a cool $1000 through pay pal. Go ahead. I'm waiting. If you can't then stfu stupid.

And just because I feel sorry for your sad existence. Here's a couple pictures you can jerk off to.

Her name is Misha Loch. I have already personal messaged her with a link to this thread. I informed her that your posting pictures of her without permission on all male forum, so we can jerk off to it. So if you indeed know her, you will feel her wrath.

or maybe she will be turned on?
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