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Default Re: (Orlando predraft camp) Greg Oden's numbers blow Kevin Durant out of the water

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
185 pounds is a joke, even if you have an eleven foot wingspan, so not being able to press it one time is monumentously pathetic.

Nate Robinson could have played in the NFL and he would knock over 99% of NBA players easily if he wanted to. The guys is rock solid.

Kevin Durant played Division one basketball at Texas. They do plenty of weight training, it is not the first time he ever saw a bench. It is stupid to assume that or to think some NBA trainer will be heads and shoulders above a collegiate one. The kid is weak, it will take years to correct, he will get bullied at the next level.

Maybe he didnt lift because he was still growing and didnt want to effect that in any way no matter how small the chance. He did grow an inch over the season. Another reason to realize that this kid is not even close to physically developed. We dont even know if he is done growing yet.
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