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Default Re: Kobe hinting at retirement again.. / not gonna be a role player

Originally Posted by oh the horror
The funniest part is...if he reversed the comment and stated something to the effect of how he'll play until he's an old man, and putting up ____ amount of points, people here would probably say he was selfish.

The sheer dedication that some people have on this board toward hating particular players is downright scary. Some of you straight up have mental illnesses.

It's not that, it's nothing more than simple, flat out stupidity. They hate a person, they don't know and have never met with such passion it's pathetic. They can't provide a single coherent defense as to why they hate that player. Ask them why, and all they can do is regurgitate media drivel on command like mindless sheep. This is primarily cuz they're a bunch of immature 12 to 17 years olds who only started watching the NBA cuz of Lebron. They're used to watching Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel, which means they're literally clueless about the way the real world works. That's why their "arguments" are based only on stats and their own personal opinion, which they then try to present as facts, cuz they don't know any better. They don't know what a discussion is, and when proven wrong, resort to immature insults and name calling, and making things up just to have something to say, revealing their true age. What's sad about all that is they're the kind of people who get caught up in cults and such cuz they're too stupid to form their own opinions and have to be given one.
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