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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

Lots of Balkans pride in the thread.

I always had the impression that the west (western Europe) doesnt want a strong country in the Balkans.

And Macedonia is Bulgarian
joking :)

Originally Posted by LJJ
The staffing agency pays them a salary, but also bills them for services rendered. Creating a situation where they pay minimum wage in a legal sense but operate far below the cost level of the domestic workforce. It's a loophole. The Poles don't get jobs because they work harder, they get jobs because they cost less than minimum wage and can easily be exploited.
Same situation with bulgarians as well. But thats what happen when uninformed and uneducated people are forced(out of misery) to emigrate. These so called agency take full advantage of such people.
As for UK, bulgarians currently can work as self employed, but there are agencies that offer house cleaning service and have contacts of bulgarian maids that work for them. They get an order>send "self empoyed"maid to clean the house> get paid> pay pennies to the worker that did the actual work.
At your earlier remark in the thread about my knowledge of the EU, you're correct.

Originally Posted by Jack
When those positive things happen then in some near future maybe we can build Europe together and not just the Balkans!

Dont mean to be rude but wtf does that mean?
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