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Default A Lakers stat that might actually mean something...

The Lakers' offensive efficiency can also be linked to pace, as they have been more efficient offensively with a slower pace under D’Antoni. They’ve scored more than 100 points per 100 possessions in each of their 10 games under D’Antoni with a pace of 95 or lower.

Their six most inefficient offensive performances have come in games with 96 or more possessions, while their four most efficient offensive performances have come in games with 95 or fewer possessions.

Lakers Record by Possessions With Mike D’Antoni as Head Coach

100+ 2-6
96-99 0-3
95 or less 8-2

I want to know what the NBA average is and what we did last year under Mike Brown before I buy into this. Anyone have those numbers?

I do think we play way too fast for most of our roster though..

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