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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

If people dont care for Deion lousy tackling that fine. Just makes me chuckle how they care so much about how many negative yards Barry Sanders has. Even tho his yards per carry was elite. And he was on pace to break Walter Paytons record before any RB at the time. But lets highlight negative yardage and sweep how Deion was weak at run support under the rug. Makes sense. Funny how people nit pick how they see fit.

Deion was a terrible tacker. He almost never had too. If you are tackling all the time as a corner either your defense sucks or your coverage sucks.

A CB being a good tackler helps a team in run support. Its as simple as that and Deion was a lousy tackler. That was his knock that he would not help your defense in run support. Great cover corner, weak run support corner. You look at defenses that play the run well? Check out their CBs and tell me if they are weak at run support.

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