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Default Re: 2013 Quarterback Rankings (top 10)

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
1. Aaron Rodgers Obvious choice here.

2. Peyton Manning I put him 2 b/c he has Thomas, Decker & now Welker to throw to in his second year in Denver and more familiarity.

3. Drew Brees I think, with Payton back on the sideline, he'll have a big year.

4. Tony Romo If he can get solid protection up front, he'll have a great season. He has put up insane numbers the past few seasons even with crap OL play.

5. Tom Brady Who are his receivers this season? No one really great proven guy in that group. Don't know if Gronk will be the same.

6. Matt Ryan *I ONLY put him here b/c he has three incredible players who will make him look awesome in White, Jones and Gonzalez. I don't think he's an elite QB though.

7. Colin Kaepernick I'm really big on this guy. And now with Anquan Boldin to throw to, along with Crabtree, Davis, James, etc, he has a ton of weapons around him with an offense made for his strengths & the best OL in football.

8. RG3 This is a tough one. No way to know how he'll bounce back from his second SERIOUS knee injury and how they'll use him this season.

9. Andrew Luck I expect him to cut down his interception numbers. No sophomore slump for him. The kid is clutch and a baller.

10. I have no idea here.

I could see a number of players take this spot: Cam Newton (can't believe I just said that), Matt Stafford (Megatron is the biggest reason why he'd be up here, obviously), Josh Freeman (has a crap load of talent around him & now has a defense that won't allow 350 pass ypg), Alex Smith (he was off to an excellent start last season & may be solid under Andy Reid along with a great run game), Russell Wilson (though I expect him to take a step back from last season) and/or Ryan Tannehill (performed better than most expected as a rookie. Thanks to a strong Dolphins offense, he should have more weapons to help him).

Where's Big Ben?
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