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Default Re: The last time I played basketball...

i played 3 games (im 28 oponent is 1 foot taller and 10 years younger) First game i lost 9 - 11 second game i won 11- 1 last game i got hammered 6 - 11
I lost 2 of the 3 games but if you count up the points i got 26 to 23 points so i feel pretty good about the games. Of course i was playing loose d but i did make sure that all inside shots were contested. My game was an outside game 3 3- 5 3s and probably 33% from the field... 2nd game i missed hardly any shots.

Over all i think i did pretty good considering my oponent... alot of my shots came from pump fake fadaways the damn kid kept fouling me every play but i didnt complain. of course i was winded and contemplated why i try to play basketball after it was over also lol.
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