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Default Re: Alienware X51- Any Opinions on this PC Gaming System

Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
Not really. The op problem is he's paying full price and not waiting for the X51 go on sale. Give me a month and I can find that identical spec from the Dell outlet for under $600. Upgrade the the graphics on my own and I'm good to go. You no longer save money with custom build like 10 years ago.

based on the 240w power supply..the stock settings is pretty much maxed out

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
Skyrim - with mods
Battlefield 3
Left 4 Dead
Mass Effect 2 and 3(never got to these)

I was also wondering if their were good mods for sports games like NBA2k13 and Fifa

you will need more than what the x51's graphics can provide if you want to play bf3 with max settings, and given that it has a very limited power supply, you wont be able to upgrade it. unless you play on a 720p display or less
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