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Default Re: Alienware X51- Any Opinions on this PC Gaming System

Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
You can get the version with a higher psu. It will have no problem running cards like the 660ti.

Not the greatest deal by any means, but op can pick up the config with the regular 660. $999 today, much better than that bestbuy deal.
Get 10% off if you spend 1099$ or more. So upgrade the HD to 2TB for 50$, check the boxes to get free keyboard and mouse.

BF3 on max settings, he just need to turn down some settings if he wants to play at 60 FPS.

if you can upgrade it to at least 300w then 660/660ti would be fine, you would be limited in graphics options with the maximum length of the card anyways. that $999 deal with the 660 makes more sense, the gt640/555 just won't cut it

i'm gonna have to upgrade my graphics card soon..i'm still on a gtx 470
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