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Default Is Darren Collision a starting-level NBA PG?

Darren Collison is one of the NBAís best backup point guards.

Thatís a backhanded compliment to a 25-year-old who entered the final season of his rookie contract determined to prove that he was a solid starter in this league.

That, however, is the reality of Collisonís role right now and most likely for the rest of the season. The Mavs are 5-3 since 37-year-old journeyman Mike James became the starting point guard, and coach Rick Carlisle has indicated on several occasions that he believes Collisonís game is best suited for coming off the bench.

Collison accepts his role. That doesnít mean he embraces it Ė and it isnít the ideal situation heíll search for in free agency this summer.

ďIn my heart, I know Iím a starter,Ē Collison said. ďI know what Iíve done. As of right now, Iím just trying to help the team win.Ē

-- ESPN Dallas
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