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Default Re: Roberts Rebellion

Welcome to the Sixth Edition of the Westeros Battle Tournament!

1. First, a brief overview of the game:

Each player will represent one of the Seven Kingdoms (plus the Crownlands) and will get the opportunity to build an army and choose their general. The players will be drawn against each other in a three-phased knockout tournament (Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and a Final). They will then be assigned a battlefield, get to deploy their army, and finally get a peek at the opposing army's disposition, before devising a battle plan. Three judges will look at the armies, their generals, the deployments and the battle plans, and select a winner, who will then proceed to the next round.

The 8 kingdoms/regions are The North, The Riverlands, The Westerlands, The Vale, The Crownlands, The Stormlands, The Reach and Dorne. The army of each kingdom has different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, based (as much as possible) on the ASoIaF books - although some changes have been made to "even things up". Each army has 4 standard troop types (Cavalry, Infantry, Pikemen and Archers), with different skill scores and numbers; as well as one special unit, unique for each Kingdom. Those will be explained in detail further down this post.

Each player can select up to 10 troop units to form their army in any way they see fit.

Each player will get to select a general, who comes with a Command unit of 250 knights. Each Kingdom has two generals available (all of them - characters from the books), who have different characteristics. There is a "cautious" general and an "aggresive" general for each Kingdom. This can dramatically alter the way the battle goes. Cautious generals are more likely to successfully carry out defensive strategies and counter the enemy's attacks, but are less likely to succeed with offensive maneuvers (especially if the enemy is prepared for them). An aggresive general is the opposite of that - his attacks will be more likely to succeed (especially if his opponent doesn't suspect or hasn't prepared for them). On the other hand, if he's unprepared for an enemy attack, his chances of repelling it are lower.

While the selection of a general and troop units is important, the key to success is the battle strategy (the Battle Plan, as we call it). It doesn't need to be an essay, it just needs to give an overview of how your army will fight the battle. What units of yours will go on the attack? What units will be used in a defensive capacity? Which of your enemy's units will you target? How do you expect the enemy to attack you and how will you defend against this and counter attack?

2. Participants in the game:

The Players:

There will be 8 players. Two of the spots will go to the remaining participants of the last game (Dead as Ned and Capt Captain) - unless either or both of them want to judge or sit this one out completely. The other 6 slots are open for anyone who wishes to apply.
. If you want to play, post a number between 1 and 1000 and say you want to participate. After you do that, send me a PM listing your preferences for a Kingdom, in a descending order from 1 to 8. After all 8 spots have been claimed, I will generate a random number and the player closest to that number will get their first pick. After that the next closest person will get their number 1 choice - unless it's the same as the first person's, in which case they'll get their number 2. That process will be repeated until every player has a Kingdom.
After all the contestants have a Kingdom, we move on to the draw for the Quarter finals.

The Judges:

There will be 3 or 5 judges, either one team of 3 or (if 5) split in two teams of 3 (I will participate in both teams). Each team will be given two Quarter-Finals and one Semi-Final. The Final will be judged by all five.

The Judges are:
Bright Blue Eyes
+ 2/4 more
NOTE: Obviously, I need some judges.
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