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Default Re: Roberts Rebellion

4. Some additional rules and regulations.

1. The battlefields will be created by me and then randomly assigned to each battle.
2. Each battlefield is a 3x3 km square.
3. The central 500m of the battlefield (on the north-south axis) are a Neutral zone, where no troops may be placed during the initial deployment.
4. Unless otherwise specified, each army will be standardly deployed in the center of the battlefield, on the edge of the Neutral zone.
5. The results of the battles in each phase will be posted simultaneously.
6. Every battle plan must include an attack strategy, even if it is only a single paragraph at the bottom of the main plan. It's perfectly acceptable to have a predominantly defensive strategy, but you also have to come up with some offensive plan. You can't just sit on the battlefield and stare the enemy into submission.
7. The standard armament of the units is as follows:
- Pikemen - chainmail shirt or partial plate, open-faced helmet, pikes, shortswords
- Archers - padded jack, open-faced helmet, longbows, swords
- Infantry - chainmail shirt or partial plate, open-faced helmet, swords or maces, shields
- Cavalry - full set of chainmail, plate-and-mail or full plate, visored helmets, lances, swords or maces, shields, horses, barding
8. You can customize the equipment or bring additional stuff, to a certain degree. What can be reasonably found in the supply train or easily foraged in the area. If you want to customize further, you have to sacrifice one unit for it.
9. Your troops have 30 minutes to prepare your side of the battlefield. If you wish to have more time, you can sacrifice one unit to increase that to six hours.

5. Stages and The Timetable.

Each round (QFs, SFs and Final) has 3 stages.

1. Deployment submission. After I have posted the pairings for the round, the players have 2 days (48 hours) to PM their initial deployment to me. The deployment must contain the name of your chosen general, the number and types of units you've decided to use, their position on the battlefield, any battlefield preparation or unit customization.

2. Battle plan submission. After I've received the deployments and posted them, the players have 4 days (96 hours) to PM their battle plan to me.

3. Verdict submission. After I've sent out the battle plans to the judges, they have 4 days (96 hours) to PM me their verdicts.

If a player fails to meet the deadline, he/she will be disqualified and his/her opponent will proceed to the next round without fighting (unless a substitute player can be found in a timely manner).
If a judge fails to meet the deadline, the decision will be posted without his verdict.
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