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Default My Crazy Mock 2016

I try to do this every year. It's my own mock draft gimmick. Basically I do two mock drafts. One based on all the stuff I read and hear and how it makes sense to me, and then a second based on what I would do if I ran the team, which also includes what I read and stuff, so there's a lot of overlap, but it sort of lets me talk about why I like some guys more than others.

Anyway, as always, it's really long. I'll try to come in an edit it later. It's gonna be loaded with spelling errors, and I'm not even willing to guarantee I didn't draft someone three times, or someone not at all who should go third.

1. Philadelphia
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Simmons. I wasnít so sure for a while there. But especially with the news that theyíre shopping Noel and/or Okafor, it feels like theyíre trying to make more space for Simmonsí playmaking. I think the kid is gonna be great.
WHAT I WOULD DO: I would take Simmons too. Although, I have to admit, this is one of only a handful of teams for whom I thought Ingram was a real possibility over Simmons. As currently constructed, with a real post scorer in Okafor, you could argue Ingramís shooting could separate him. If Dario Saric can play as a stretch four, Ingram goes in as an exceptionally long SF, and then you have spacing and length and athleticism floating around Okafor. Thatís a real identity. I would still be concerned about how those three would add up defensively. I have some concern over Ingram defensively as a SF. His instincts are excellent, but sometimes he seems clunky. Maybe itís because his feet look so big on his super skinny frame. Iím still not sure he doesnít ultimately play out as a PF who can both stretch, and beat people off the bounce. He can defend the rim and sneak around in passing lanes. Sure heíll get beat up defending the post, but thatís when you move him down to SF. Most teams would have to get out of their comfort zone offensively to do that. Itís the position I think Durant is best in too. But alas, Simmonsí size, ball handling, and vision, is just too rare a commodity. And oddly, while Simmonsí ceiling is huge, if he develops a jumper, I think the separating factor is his floor. That vision, rebounding, passing, and ability to change ends, to me means heís a championship caliber role player at worst.

2. Los Angeles Lakers
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Since this is a two horse race, Ingram is the second horse. Heís a great fit here. Frankly this is another spot where he may be a better fit than Simmons, depending on how much you may still like DeAngelo Russell, whoís going to be a bit ball dominant in those decision making roles where Simmons has the opportunity to be a star.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Ingram again.
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