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Default Re: My Crazy Mock 2016

17. Memphis
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: This is an extremely hard team to predict, with so much going on. They played such a unique style for so long, and now theyíre under new management. Plus Mike Conley is a Free Agent, and Zack Randolph is in his final season. They could go in a number of directions. Marc Gasol is the only thing theyíre really tied to. A potential replacement for Conley Ö Dejuante Murray? Tyler Ulis? Length and shooting Ö Richardson, or Malik Beasley? I think this team is going to look full makeover and take Thon Maker. Heíll have a year to learn while Randolph holds down the fort, but the eventual idea of Maker next to Gasol is really interesting. I think theyíll go out over the top to keep Conley, and hope that he plays well speeding up his game with a new identity after next year when they go to a more uptempo PF and play Gasol as a one in.
WHAT I WOULD DO: The value for Jaylen Brown has finally caught up with my opinion. Even if thereís pieces I like better, Iím pretty close to starting from scratch, so I can fit him in. Heís sort of a remnant of the grindhouse era. And even if Iím not crazy about him, I could probably flip him for something Iím more fond of, plus extra, considering how highly heís thought of otherwise. I would have to take him here.

18. Detroit
WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN: Detroit is almost universally tied to Denzel Valentine in Mocks, but that seems like wishful thinking to me obviously, because I have him gone on both sides of this. I think the reason that is is because thereís a lot of pieces in place here, and a player that can fill in multiple spots, and fit in with smarts and shooting, makes a lot of sense, because otherwise youíd be hard pressed to find a player whoís gonna take time from Reggie Jackson, KCP, Stanley Johnson, Tobi Harris, Andre Drummand, Marcus Morris. Thatís a pretty decent and versatile core, with a few young pieces to fill in. So youíre looking for depth. On this side, Sabonis has fallen. I like him more than I think the league will, and thatís in spite of his higher view in mocks, because he plays such a traditional style of PF, which even more than center seems to be the position that is going. But heís smart, and his rebounding and passing will translate, and heís tough enough that I think he can back up at Center in smaller lineups.
WHAT I WOULD DO: Like I said, this is a tough roster to upgrade from this spot, so BPA becomes my primary focus. Most boards seem to show Dejaunte Murray or Wade Baldwin at this point as Best Available. Baldwin in particular would intrigue me as insurance for Jackson, however you can also make the case that if Jackson fails Iím done anyway. And because I think Baldwin has the size and athleticism to play off the ball, I can put him in rotation with KCP as well. I feel like I sort of get two backups for one pick. I donít like any of the bigs left enough to take here as back ups. I could stash Zizic I suppose. And Malachi Richardson would be an intriguing rotation piece with Pope and Johnson, as he would sort of fit in between them. But thereís nothing behind Jackson, so Iíd go Baldwin.
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