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Default Re: 2018 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Flacco won a ring to get his "over-pay-day"...Jimmy played well in 5 regular season games.

I haven't looked, but I am sure there has never been a "biggest contract ever" to a player that has done less than Jimmy.

The thing with Flacco though is he already had prior seasons where his performance wasn't that impressive. Everyone knew he wouldn't live up to that contract going by his past performances.

Jimmy G isn't proven yet, but going by the small sample size he has been excellent in the games he has played. He was pretty damn good in NE when Brady got suspended, then he went undefeated with the 49ers in his 5 starts after that team started 1-10, that is pretty special. Only time will tell, but this dude might already be an elite QB, he hasn't shown any signs of being mediocre or even average.

I was pretty surprised the 49ers only gave up a 2nd round pick to get him, alot of people felt he was worthy of a middle 1st round pick including me.
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