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Default Re: 2018 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
If you think Jimmy's value is that of a mid-1st...then shouldn't he be paid as that?...I mean pre-rookie cap anyway.

I expected the 9ers to throw a 'big' contract at him...but not 'the biggest ever'

Ideally, in a logical world that makes sense...the biggest contract in the NFL should go to the best player in the NFL. Not a guy who shows a lot of promise.

Teams are overpaying QBs, simple as that...I won't be shocked if somehow Bradford lands another huge pay day somewhere. Meanwhile SBs are being won by back-up QBs, Eli, Flacco, and 50 year old Peyton Manning.

You probably got too excited writing this post, but this is kind of hilarious coming from you.
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