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Default Re: NPR: Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry into Trump

I guess it’s historically significant to be on the shortlist if they actually reach the point of a impeachment vote but obviously it won’t matter with the minimums required. I guess she’s just hoping that gets people out to vote who would otherwise stay home but it’s gonna work the same way for both sides. Democrats will likely get the most votes no matter what(As they have in all but one election since 88). But you energize the other side enough you can lose important narrow elections state level so maybe they have some polling that a swing state or two want it this way.

I suppose an investigation doesn’t have to lead to the full vote which I guess gives an opportunity to bail....but the whole thing is gonna come down to 2-3 states so I’m sure a few polls will tell the tale Decision wise. Not going to take this too far if Florida or Ohio don’t seem to want it.
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