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Default Re: OFFICIAL: TRADE/Aquisitions THREAD

Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
I think mgmt will try Odom at the full-time 3 for the 1st half of the season. If he performs well, he will stay with the Lakers. If not, he is trade bait. Imo, he greatest asset is his rebounding ability. When he moves to the 3, that asset will be greatly reduced (Bynum and Gasol will be getting the boards).
If he is smart, if he wants to stay with the Lakers, he better work on his outside shooting touch...and work hard. Otherwise, Matrix, Artest, etc. will become mgmt targets.

Everyone else will stay. They will re-sign Sasha and Turiaf, imo.

I think at this point, lamar is who he is going to be, and I cant see a consistent jumper developing at this stage of his career. He can improve it a bit, but he is what he is. Same goes with his right hand finish (as socalmike stated). If he wanted to develop those attributes, I htink he wouldve done it already or we would have seen some improvement. We wouldnt lose much rebounding bc Marion is a phenomenal rebounder for his size and has a knack for loose balls.

Marions biggest help would be on defense and 3-point shooting, which would be huge for us
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