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Default Re: Best PSX game?

Originally Posted by Mordecai11
Good call man.. I seriously love that game.

It's too bad my PSX broke and I can't play poy poy anymore

Poy Poy is such an overlooked game…

Also check out Rakugaki Showtime. Its like Poy Poy…on crack!

Originally Posted by kaiteng
BeatMania series
(Godfather of music games. I still prefer 5 buttons BM over current 7 buttons ones. The earlier versions also has more variety of music genres than current trance-oriented versions too)

I didn't get into Beatmania until a friend introduced me to IIDX 8th style several years ago. I got hooked right there. I do like the music so maybe thats why I'm partial to the newer games… and I'm a sucker for Gradius music :) I tried to get into Guitar Freaks and Drummania but I just didn't do well with those Bemani games…
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