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Default Re: All Star Weekend - 3 Point Shootout!

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
why would you say terry is the only one without a shot? hes a MUCH better shooter than damon jones. Im actually undecided on who i think will win out of jet or dirk. As for if someone was actually betting on it with the current odds, id put 20 bucks on jet(10-1) and miller(5-1)

I'm just not all that high on him as a set shooter. It was the same way with Gilbert before last year's event, because I always thought of him as a rhythm shooter, as in he'd have to get into that motion coming off a screen. Basically, I didn't think of him as a catch and shoot guy. I don't watch a ton of the Mavs, but from what I've seen, Jet is the worst of the bunch when it comes to shooting jumpers at a standstill.

And I have a mancrush on Damon Jones, so pay no attention to that.

i really want damon Jones to win and talk mad ****

And that's why.
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