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Default Re: Lakers switching to Princeton Offense in '12-'13

Originally Posted by kobesabi
Good point...what is Kobe doing when they brought in the best PG? Using a system that does not use Nash much is kinda insult to Nash isn't it?

Read more:

It's not an insult to Nash, it is an insult to Mike Brown who has no idea what he's doing ( Sorry to be so redundant on this ). As I have been saying, ANY system is better than anything MB has come up with....or is capable of coming up with.
To say they'll be using the Princeton offense is like saying a Ferrari and an 18 wheeler are using tires. A traditional Princeton offense cannot work in the NBA, it will be used merely as a base that will have to be re-designed to work with the players we have (God help us). A quality head coach wouldn't do this but instead simply run a series of pick and rolls.......faster to learn, more effective and works perfectly with every player we have.
I mentioned most of last year that any good AAU/High school coach would destroy the entire league with the players we have running a pick and roll + 1......and now we have Nash......Damn, I'd love to drive that machine!!!!!
It's just a damn shame that our coach knows absolutely nothing about offense he won't know if what Eddie Jordan is doing is good or bad.....just has to trust him.
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