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Default Re: LA Times: Kobe and Buss meet in Spain. Kobe wants out...

Originally Posted by td21spurs
Don't u all already know that Kobe is a hypocrite. he wants to be a bull but won't say it. he must think the public and his fans are stupid when he keeps saying he wants to be a laker for life but because he needs to win now, the lakers need to make a big change right now(which is almost impossible to do, and i am sure getting JO isn't what Kobe wants) or trade him to chicago/ny/? he wants to win now but being traded to NY is ok? come on now. wasn't LAC 1 of the teams that he said he wants to go to? what happened to it? this clown is narrowing down the choices from 4 to 2 now, and ultimately he will say he wants to go to chicago. what a loser.

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Kobe wants out of LA, I keep telling you people this is not just about the Lakers not putting a good team around Kobe. There are other issues at work.
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