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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Once again, Zimmerman is a hero. When he's not protecting the safety of his neighbors from home invading terrorists, he's doing the right thing and rescuing someone who probably wanted him convicted of a crime he didn't commit. Mr. Zimmerman, in spite of what our country has done to you, I salute you for doing the right thing, and being a good Samaritan in a country of people that wants to see you dead.

This man is hated and being hunted with a bounty on his head, courtesy of the New Black Panthers, dead or alive.

This man fears for his life and has to wear a bullet proof vest just to go outside.

This man sees a family in trouble and he doesn't think. He doesn't hesitate.

This man risked life and limb just stepping out of his car, but he didn't care.

This man saved a life. Not for redemption. Not to change public opinion.

This man didn't think. He didn't hesitate.

This man is George Zimmerman. Our one true hope for man kind.
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