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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by dude77
georgie is a good man .. he's probably helped dozens of families in peril like in that story .. we just won't hear about it .. true american hero

The witch hunt against Zimmerman is absolutely disgusting, it's damn funny but also shameful to see so many liberals deliberately race baiting and trying to create a lynch mob.

They got him arrested, they got a trial, but when the evidence was so clearly leading to an inevitable not guilty, now the crying liberals shocked at it being a real trial of law and evidence and not a political show trial just want revenge and are creating a storm of Anti-White hatred disregarding Zimmerman's mixed heritage.

Zimmerman went through the judicial processes and has been found not guilty by the law and a jury of 6 ladies, 5 of which who are mothers, but that doesn't matter to the race-bating liberals, they want a scapegoat, a target on which they can pour all their hatred. It's ironic considering some of these same liberals speak of the historic lynch mobs that targeted blacks as an example of racist evil, and yet they now seek with their words seek to create a similar racist evil lynch mob but just with a different target - George Zimmerman.

And then these same liberals pretend they want to create a peaceful and equal racially harmonious society - yet they do all they can to undermine that, all the time they just fans the flames of racial hatred and division.
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