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Default Re: Cleveland Browns Official Offseason thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I would be absolutely irate if the team traded away the No. 7 pick for McNabb. This team needs young talent at virtually every position. An aging quarterback on a team that has no receiving threats? Where is that going to get us?

McNabb would be good if we were one piece away from being a SB contender, but this team is nowhere close to that. We need that No. 7 pick -- whether it be Berry, Haden, or someone else -- a hell of a lot more than we need McNabb.

I don't even like the idea of giving up a second-rounder for McNabb.

Mcnabb has thrown to WR cores that didnt exactly have "names" or were attractive on paper. Whoever is recieving he'll get them the pigskin. Stability at the QB position while Clevland continues to add quality talent and build the team into a contender is what he'd be...but only for 2yrs until he is a free agent i believe. Given how many picks Clevland has in 2010? Losing a 2nd/5th for stability at QB (can call Mcnabb a stop gap if you will) wouldnt be a bad idea. The turnaround would be faster than trying to build when you really have no QB. Especially better than Mcnabb.

Brownies 2010 draft picks
1st 7th pick
2nd 38th pick
3rd 72nd pick
3rd 86th pick (NYJ)
4th 103rd pick
5th 131st pick (TB)
5th 134rd pick
5th 150th pick (NYJ)
6th 168th pick
6th 176th (Carolina)
7th 199th pick
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