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Default Re: Gta 5 Announced!!

I just hope they incorporate the characterization & graphics from GTA 4; and add the content that San Andreas presented.

That would be an ideal game for me. Vice City and SA are my favorite GTA games because of its content, setting, story, characterization & humour. Not to mention an absolutely epic soundtrack.

GTA lacked content, other then that; I'd say it was a master-piece. But for a sandbox game to be perfect, content must be essential. Which is why I question anyone giving GTA 4 a perfect score. It was far from it, it was no where near as fun as San Andreas and to a lesser extent, Vice City.

One of the biggest Rockstar fans here, and will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of GTA 5.

By the way, I think RDR was superior to GTA 4, despite being less critically acclaimed.
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