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Default Re: Gta 5 Announced!!

I cant think of many things San Andreas had over GTA 4. Think about the beefs and complaints for a second. If I miss any, feel free to add.

Bigger map, customize car, fight gangs for territory, parachute, soundtrack.

What else? Seems a bit silly that these options which are minor to say the least have some people thinking GTA 4 didnt top San Andreas.

GTA 4 killed San Andreas to me. And San Andreas was really what made me get into my ps2. I had one and rarely even played it but decided to check this game out. It was great...fot its time. But just like RDR topped GTA 4? So did GTA 4 with San Andreas. And really you want that to be the case. Learn from your former game.

I never put as much time into GTA 4 than I have any video game I ever had. Not counting the growing up to teenage days of course. Thats just story mode + 2 DLC which was pretty good (Ballad of Gay Tony easily the best). We wont even get into multiplayer. I bet there are people right now playing in Free Mode. Numerous lobbies. I bet there are people trying to level up playing Hangmans Noose. Does this argument mean its a case closed GTa 4 was classic because you can find gamers still on it today? No, but it makes you ask yourself what is it about GTA 4 that has people still playing it. It dropped in Spring 2008. Its 2011, with 2 months to hit 2012. Are you kidding me?

Maybe the criticism is that its not the perfect game and the nitpicking is showing that. I'll buy that. But I just dont see how this game lacks being a classic. I dont see how its not near great. I guess people were really caught up inthe gang bangin, yo homeboy break yo self fool stuff San Andreas brought. Its like I listen to gangsta music, I see it on tv but now I get to be apart of it to a degree. I know I'm offbase but it just feels like for some people that really is the case.
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