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Default Re: Things you learned from experience during a game

Originally Posted by bobbyflay
Update: Beginning 3 week explosive training
strength training: pros-made me have more muscle/feel somewhat stronger/free throws are so much easier now
cons-made me somewhat slower/messed up my arc/

I feel that I have improved free throw shooting, basketball IQ, defence, and maybe more these 2 weeks of strength training. I somehow feel that I have destroyed my arc, but I'm working on it these next 3 weeks. The consequences are me missing more 3's/jump shots/more in and outs.

Edit:The purpose of this thread(for me) is to do a reference for in the future and for the community. I read several threads that wanted to do the same thing, but they never completed it.

Yeah don't worry about your shot being a little off. The weight training will shock your muscles but you'll get used to it eventually. Just remember to shoot with good form after every workout, because that's how you get better. Don't try to make the shot if it compromises form, form is key here.
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